Welcome to Highlawn Farm

Welcome to Highlawn FarmWelcome to Highlawn FarmWelcome to Highlawn Farm

Grass Fed Beef from         

          Southern Albemarle

Meet Our Cows

A Sustainable Farm

Highlawn Farm is our beautiful family farm in Southern Albemarle county growing mixed grass pastures.  Pastures that we use to feed and finish our lovingly raised beef cows. In addition to the pasture land, we have many acres of natural habitat for the wildlife and us to enjoy as well.

+ Happy Cows

Our brood cows are mostly Red Polls, an old British bred with a very gentle temperament. All of them have names and enjoy being petted.  We like working with our cows. They have a good life up here at Highlawn (and so do we). Contented cows mean the beef we sell to you is a high quality, natural, and sustainable product.

= Grass Fed, Grass Finished Beef

All of the beef we sell is born and raised on our farm here in Southern Albemarle--raised without the use of antibiotics or hormones and always finished on grass. Our steers are processed at a well-respected USDA inspected facility.